WorkMate - Enterprise integrated communication and mobile office solutions

WorkMate - A mobile office application with integrated communication concept, that meets various needs of enterprises by providing a wide selection of enterprise office applications to achieve mobile office. WorkMate further provides enterprise customers with the conference call, video conference, corporate group chat, corporate directory and other applications. It is designed to meet the needs of various office activities and improve internal communication efficiency.

Core Communication Capabilities - Integrated Communication Function

"WorkMate" provides enterprise customers with a wide selection of cost effective functions such as conference call, video conferencing, corporate group chat, and corporate directory. With WorkMate, enterprises can identify public applications and establish effective internal communication.

MateCall - Conference call
  • IDD Super Conference Call supports high quality audio and can remain undisturbed by other incoming calls
  • During roaming, you can use “WorkMate” to respond to incoming calls in WiFi and data environment to avoid high roaming charges
  • Support Mainland China and Hong Kong IDD conference calls to facilitate efficient conference calls between Chinese and Hong Kong companies
Multi-party Video Conference
  • Provide 100 people video conference, improve conference communication efficiency
  • Hold video conference anytime, anywhere
  • Support multi-access, screen sharing and conference recording
Corporate Phonebook
  • Look up colleagues on the contact list without the need of saving their contact
  • Customizable privacy settings
  • Conduct group chats, conference calls and video conference with one click
Corporate group chat
  • The Corporate Phone Book can be updated constantly for new employees to join their department groups and automatically remove individuals who are no longer employed by the company
  • Share company news and notifications effortlessly through enterprise groups
  • Provide message status and notify individuals who have not read the messages via notification
Cloud Office - Enterprise Applications

Enterprise customers can enjoy a complimentary set of cloud office automation system (OA), it offers 12 features, including HRM, CRM and workflow approval, which are all SaaS applications. Employees can submit their applications for leave, reimbursement and contacts through both computers and mobile devices while managers can approve the submission remotely at anytime. The Enterprise Applications have offered a cost-effectively paperless solution to create an efficient office.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Counting attendance information automatically, management can obtain employee attendance records on real-time location. They can fully understand the work distribution and location information of field workers and control the work progress conveniently. Employees can view their company information and business information at any time through the cloud enterprise database.

Office Collaboration
A cloud platform for company announcement and employee communication.
It helps standardizing workflows and forms library for quick access to improve efficiency

Conference room management,  project management and reporting systems ensure that the business operation is executed with high transparency

Safe and Reliable – Communication Security

Data communication adopts SIP + VoWifi technology. SIP protocol is the most widely used VoIP protocol nowadays, controlling IP network information. While VoWifi adopts TLS encrypted transmission to ensure data security, integrity and availability, and protecting the safety of corporate communications.Cloud Application Security: “WorkMate” platform supports HTTPS encrypted access and can be localized for companies with high-security requirements. The cloud platform uses a dynamic defense system and reverses proxy services, with WAF / IPS / firewall / load balancing and other defense systems. Data Security: It adopts an international leading DES / 3DES, Base64, MD5 and other data encryption technologies to ensure data transmission security. Sensitive data would be encrypted to prevent data leakage. And all the processes need to be digitally signed to avoid unauthorized access.

How to apply WorkMate to your enterprise

Installation service

•Provide solutions at the first time, training to your staff and solutions, provide Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm consultation and technical support services (except public holidays)


Service support

•Provide full online and offline support

•Provide email, phone-call and remote support

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Terms and Conditions
Enterprise customers of China Mobile Hong Kong Co., Ltd. can sign up for the "WorkMate" service to use a cloud office system for free, covering 12 applications such as the company's administrative, personnel management and approval processes. In case of any discrepancy, all the terms and conditions should be based on the signed contract. For more information, please contact our corporate sales hotline 9204 7777 or email to
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